It’s not really a team.

It is Eric peterson

A complete marketing and sales growth engine — 25 years of experience, $42M in sales achievements — in one singular creative human toolbox of awesome.  



Metrically optimized B2B and B2C marketing and sales funnels, built from the ground up to your specifications for your products and services.  Maintained and refined daily to guarantee you more leads, sales, and conversions for your business even as marketing trends evolve.


If your budget is limited, learn the methods needed to build sales and marketing funnels yourself.  Optimize your own funnels and refine your marketing knowledge with 1:1 teaching sessions and creative marketing brainstorming sessions as frequently as your budget permits.


If you are with a marketing agency already there is no need to change anything.  Gain a robust health check on your current marketing performance.  Your audit will feature comparative metrics from testing along with added creative strategies that you can utilize with your current solution.


A creative in Arizona with a global footprint.

achieving growth via consultative sales, marketing, and ad revenue.

Eric has worked in technology infrastructure sales and nurtured world class marketing platforms for enterprise clientele for decades, inventing new streams of revenue and significantly reducing COGS for some of the largest companies in the world, all while creating some of the most unique publishing ventures on the planet.

He now enjoys the freedom of bringing a unique suite of tools independently to businesses of all sizes and focusing on his own creative pursuits like rocking for your mom and making comic books about space mailmen and marketing them to millions of readers.

Ask yourself if you are tired of working with a myriad of ad agencies for your business, or if you’re tired of personnel turnover.  Eric is enjoying being the shaggy haired agile agent of creative and strategic business growth and if your mission is impossible enough, he could be the right equipment for the task at hand.




  • Numbers time:  2x 300% quota achievement.  32% YoY growth average.  Top sales NOAM (SonicWALL 2017).  3x President’s Club.  $42M in sales to date in technical infrastructure.
  • Radical creation of digital MEDDIC based sales outreach tools during the pandemic, allowing for faster creation of pipeline during periods of WFH and increased run rate YoY.  Anecdote:  the CIO of a notable international company saw Eric at a virtual roundtable during the pandemic and said, “Great to see you!  How are your two kids?”  The CIO didn’t realize that they’d never actually met before.  The virtual outreach for white space was that warm, precise, memorable and unique.  This is critical in 2020 and beyond.
  • Development of structured and profitable sales channels in regions around the globe including the UK, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Germany, Japan, New York, California, Washington, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Colorado,  Ohio, Delaware, Florida, Alabama, Missouri, Pennsylvania and more.  These include verticals in media, publishing, education, medical, data governance, government, gaming and hospitality.  Individual case studies available upon request.


  • 5x average ROAS for e-commerce sales funnels in 2023 for campaigns spanning 3 continents.
  • Creation of an engine that includes tying audience engagement across social media and digital ad campaigns into physical customer attribution channels in retail.  In other words:  “Did person like post?  Good.  Did person come into the store and spend more after that? Yes?  We can tell precisely what content that customer saw and interacted with and better attribute ROI to activity channels.  Take the guess work out.  Develop actual customer case files.”
  • The development of a mobile 6K production studio allowing for UHD production in a guerilla fashion as well as creation of musical needs for campaigns.


  • Most recent fiction has been published in 6 languages spanning 4 continents.
  • Collaborations include Darick Robertson (The Boys, Transmetropolitan, Happy!), Simon Bisley (Lobo, Slaine), Colin MacNeil (America, Judge Dredd), Clint Langley (ABC Warriors, 2000AD), Boo Cook (Elephantmen), Glenn Fabry (Preacher), and more.  
  • Lowered COGS in publishing by 44% in 2021.  Further statistics and case studies available upon request.

SKills & tools



TV/Film Production


Avid, DaVinci, Adobe, Microsoft, G-Suite


Audience, Creative, and Metric Testing on Meta


Hyros, Unbounce, Shopify, Klaviyo, and More


Project Management via Proprietary Labs Software


Structured Sales Flows and B2B Acquire Methedology



MARKETING TOOLSET and philosophy

Eric utilizes a collection of production and marketing tools for not only creating the quality content needed to grow a brand rapidly and efficiently, but also to test to find the proper audiences and expand them.  Lately the biggest advantage has been tying in new levels of attribution, bridging the gap between social media/ad efforts and actual physical location POS for many large brands.

He functions by a focused philosophy:  We do not spend $1 without being able to prove without a doubt that we know where to attribute ROI.  We do not “try and see what happens” unless we are sure we can directly correlate cause and effect.  There are enough unknowns in marketing.  We are here to answer questions, not add to them.

Sales Toolset and philosophy

  • You need to earn a strategic champion/sponsor.  You need a relationship with the actual buyer.  Those are not the same person, hardly ever.  You need these early and you need to keep an eye on the geography because roles can rapidly shift.
  • 3x-4x pipe.  Always.
  • MEDDIC.  If it ain’t green, fix it.  Make sure the client has allocated enough runway to fix it.  And then shorten that runway.
  • Always have a reason to be where you’re needed, even if it is across the globe and especially if a client does not know that you are what they need yet.
The Word

I had the pleasure of hiring and working closely with Eric who managed Northern Florida, Mississippi and Alabama. Eric brought an energetic and entrepreneurial attitude to the territory which combined with a solid understanding of the business of cybersecurity and partner ecosystem. In a short span of time, Eric had transformed a modestly performing territory into one of the highest performing nationally. Eric is a top class performer and I can't recommend him highly enough.

— David Ryder

Eric is an absolute master when it comes to digital media. He has filmed and created multiple programs that have been aired on national television. His professionalism and integrity are exquisite and you will be hard-pressed to find a more amiable person to work with. Working with Eric was nothing but a pleasant experience and if I am ever in need of someone with his expertise, he will be the first person I'll call.

— Aubrey Blankenship

I first met Eric during a client brainstorming meeting where he stood out among the other participants with his creative ideas and expert knowledge. When I started my own company I sought out Eric's help on our initial web projects and found him to be an outstanding resource for me and my clients. I highly recommend Eric for any type of work that requires creativity, interpersonal communication, or extensive knowledge of the internet.

— Ed Olsen